Ruby Lescott asks:

Did anyone (including Andy Warhol) involved in the exploitation of the Brillo design ever credit the original designer? Or pay her/him a royalty?

Not exactly! The original boxes were designed by graphic artist (and abstract expressionist painter) James Harvey, who was amused by Warhol’s use of his design. There’s a good article about him and his boxes here; apparently he knew Warhol a little and even spoke to him at the opening of the soap-box show.

Chris Walker asks:

Who, exactly, are your restaurant reviews written for? According to Matthew Fort, £111 for three people without booze is a good deal. Perhaps years of eating out with all expenses paid has led him to lose all sense of monetary value.

In this case, the review was written for people who eat at pretty expensive restaurants! The implication isn’t that £111 is an intrinsically good deal for any meal, or even any nice meal: it’s that, for people who do go out and spend £30 to £40 a head, the restaurant under discussion is one where they’ll get their money’s worth.

Roisin Quinn Wallace asks:

Re All Ages, The White Shirt: how long did it take to think that one up? What next? The food section producing a recipe for a boiled egg?

Ahh, the problem here is that Roisin has conflated basic cookery, where trends stay roughly the same from year to year, with fashion, where everything changes much more quickly. If you learnt to boil an egg in 1989, chances are you’re still pretty up on current egg-boiling techniques; but if you learnt to select white shirts in 1989, you may now be a little off-trend and could probably do with an update.

For this reason, it is unlikely that the food section will produce a recipe for a boiled egg in the near future.

Richard Cooper asks:

Enrique Iglesias would like to go back to the time of the dinosaurs ? He could always pop on one of his dad’s records, I guess.

It’s great to see Richard answering his own rhetorical question! However, his suggestion is unlikely to be useful. Mr Iglesias could, indeed, listen to one of his father’s records, but this would merely evoke the past, whereas Mr Iglesias is interested specifically in travelling to the past, another matter entirely.

Furthermore, Julio Iglesias released a record as recently as the first half of 2010, and even his earliest records go back no further than 1969. Dinosaurs are believed to have died out significantly before this period.