Veronica M Groocock asks:

Lynne Truss’s usual sound judgement seems to have escaped her (Q&A, 28 August). Jonathan Ross a genius?

“Genius” is a largely subjective quality! We all judge it by different criteria, and even people who largely share your opinions in many areas – such as, for Veronica, Lynne Truss – will often disagree as to what makes a genius.

Truss declines to expand on her reasons for considering Ross a genius, which may be why the claim is startling to those who hold her in high esteem but disagree with this assessment. It’s possible that she admires his amiable demeanour or enthusiastic mode of dress.

Clare Baker asks:

Re All Ages (Wool Power, 28 August). Who did that to Valerie, and why is she smiling?

Valerie is a model; she is paid to wear clothes that have been selected for her by a stylist. In this case, the stylist is Aradia Crockett.

Valerie is smiling because this, too, is part of her work as a model. Somebody involved in the photo shoot – perhaps the photographer – may have asked her to smile, or she may have smiled on her own initiative in order to look as if she is enjoying the clothes.