Kathleen O’Neill asks:

Has anyone told John Simpson that he is actually old enough to be his son’s great-grandfather?

Even if nobody’s pointed it out, he’s probably realised it himself – it’s the sort of calculation that older fathers are likely to indulge in, since age will already be on their minds!

On the other hand, the average UK father of a newborn is – with an age of 32 – technically old enough to be his child’s grandfather, and probably hasn’t had that pointed out to him.

Tim Skelton asks:

Why so surprised? With scary make-up, obscene lyrics and violent fans, Insane Clown Posse seem ideally qualified to be evangelical Christians.

I think Tim may be under a misapprehension as to current trends in Christian music! Billboard’s Christian album chart features artists such as LeCrae (representative lyric: You hold the earth in Your palm with Your great power); Matthew West (representative lyric: There’s only grace / There’s only love / There’s only mercy / And belive me it’s enough); and Jars of Clay (representative lyric: No greater love / No greater love / Can you say there’s no greater love?). These are a far cry from the Insane Clown Posse songs addressed by Ronson in his article (representative lyric: I stab people, four five people every day / I tried to see a shrink to stop that shit but there ain’t no fuckin’ way). They contain far fewer swear words, and many more instances of the word “love”, for example.

Additionally, images of the fans of topselling Christian artists show relatively little scary makeup and violence. Under these circumstances, Ronson’s surprise is understandable.