Jenny Moore asks:

Please, can you do more interviews with Richard Hawley (Q&A, 26 February)? The dog training exercise while enebriated was priceless.

The Q&A is the only regular interview slot in the Weekend (other than “Weekender”, which is devoted to readers rather than celebrities). This means there’s no obvious place for more Hawley interviews to go. But it’s not all bad news for Jenny! Hawley has been interviewed several times in the past by other newspapers and magazines, and some of these interviews are easily accessible online. She could try the Cultural Foundation, Crud Magazine, the BBC, PopMatters, the Scotsman, or the List, for a start.

David Walker asks:

I wonder if you could ask Lucy Mangan to de-manganify her sentences (I mean shorten them)?

They could ask, but it’s unlikely to have much effect! People who write long sentences often do this quite naturally, without realising quite how long they leave it between full stops. Even if they form a genuine intent to write shorter sentences, it’s hard to follow through. In fact, in this letter David himself has used a sentence that’s much longer than it needs to be!