Roger Woodhouse asks:

How did Tim Dowling manage when his wife had a buck shop?

Gosh, this is quite a dense question to unravel! Roger is alluding firstly to Dowling’s column on 9 April, in which he is dismayed by a dentist who pronounced “tooth” as “tuth”; and secondly to the fact that his wife used to run a bookshop.

Fortunately for Roger’s curious nature, Dowling documented his experiences at the time, back in 2008. The columns are still online, but to summarise: he found it positive in some respects and problematic in others, and there was some marital conflict about whether it was appropriate for him to write about the shop in his column.

Adam Rowland asks:

Would it be too much to arrange the Blind Dates on a Friday or Saturday night? I’m sick of hearing that, instead of going on somewhere, they went their separate ways because of work the next day. None of them will ever get laid at this rate.

Surprisingly, we’ve covered this topic before! Back in January of this year, Scott Wallace posed the question Perhaps the blind dates should be rescheduled to non-school nights?

It seems that things haven’t changed since then, but it can’t just be that it hasn’t occurred to anyone to schedule the dates on Fridays and Saturdays: Scott’s letter ensured that wasn’t the case. It seems likely, therefore, that the Blind Daters themselves are picking weeknights for their dates – perhaps partly in order to have a polite excuse for not accompanying their co-dater home for sexual intercourse, should the idea of doing so not appeal to them at the end of the date.