Bob Rice asks:

Will you be featuring the Wreck Of The Week on the cover every week, or was 23 April just a one off?

Gosh, that’s a confusing question! The Wreck Of The Week is a regular Weekend feature, showing a house that is, though in poor condition, a good choice for a home-buyer who is interested in property that requires a high amount of renovation. The cover of the 23 April Weekend magazine, on the other hand,  showed Ronnie Wood, a rock guitarist and bassist who is a member of the Rolling Stones.

Bob’s question is therefore a puzzling one, based as it is on a false premise! After some investigation, we’ve concluded that the most likely explanation is that someone read Bob’s copy of the Weekend before him, opened it to page 111 (where the Wreck of the Week was featured), and then folded it over so that it seemed, to a casual observer, as if page 111 was the front page. Don’t panic, Bob, this is easily fixed! Just look through the magazine until you find a picture of a dark-haired man in a leopard-print shirt, accompanied by the words “It’s the heavy-drinking drug-taking marriage-breaking newly-dating rock legend Ronnie Wood”. This is the real cover, so just fold the magazine back so that it’s on the front!

Alan Gent asks:

I roared with laughter at Julia Sweeney’s article. Was I supposed to?

Yes. Sweeney is a writer and comedian with a background in improvisational comedy, and was a cast member on comedy show Saturday Night Live between 1990 and 1994; she has also written and performed several comedic “autobiographical monologues”.

Jack Fisher asks:

Tim Dowling’s front door opens at the push of a button (23 April)? Where does he live, the USS Enterprise?

Dowling lives a five to ten minute walk from Westfield in West London. The USS Enterprise, with a length approaching 400 metres, is unlikely to have passed unnoticed in West London for long, so it is almost certainly not the family’s home!

Joyce Corston asks:

For weeks I noticed that All Ages’ senior model Valerie provided her own footwear for shoots, then she disappeared. Did she go because she refused to wear the chosen shoes or because she refused to keep bringing her own? Last week (23 April) senior model Pam wore her own shoes – is it the beginning of the end for her, too?

Perhaps surprisingly, Valerie’s footwear has been questioned before! As we learnt in February, Valerie’s feet are a size 9, so the samples provided by designers are frequently too small for her. Pam’s feet, at size 8, may occasionally suffer from the same problem.

There is no reason to believe that Valerie’s less regular appearances in Weekend are related to her footwear, and therefore no reason to believe a similar thing will happen to Pam.